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Pillowcase Dress Sewing Party

April 10, 2011

Pillowcase Dress Sewing PartyPillowcase Dresses, super cute and great fun when you make it a party! This project allowed us to reach out on several levels, to women in our community and to children both here and around the globe.

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Gabriella's story

Dear Martha Ministry members -

Our granddaughter, Gabriella Santistevan was recently hospitalized at CMC with high fever of unknown origin. She had IV's, bone scan, echocardiogram, ultrasound, spinal tap, lab draws - ok, sufficient to say she was traumatized before her first birthday (06-04) Gabriella's story On Thursday evening, Jill Roberts, a friend of ours, visited us thru Martha Ministry to present us with prayer shawls for Gabriella, and one for Amy (Axelberg) & Jason. We prayed together with the beautiful shawls and I felt God's presence and awesome strength with that visit. Healing occurred as a result of our Faith and trust in God's will. (ok, Dairy Queen didn't hurt!!!)

I can tell you that this ministry is more powerful than the lovely hands and kind hearts that knitted them.... but, with gratefulness - "thank you".

Gabriella was discharged this afternoon (they still don't know cause of the massive infection) but thankful to the doctors and nurses that cared for us during this stressful time. THANK YOU so much for this ministry in our Faith community.

God bless!



Annie Young, RN
Medical Case Manager
PACBLU Northwest


Deidad's Baby Shower

Because an integral part of our group is mutual support, when our member, Deidad, was expecting, we gave her a baby shower. Her loving husband, David, was a good sport and joined our gaggle of giggling girls for the morning and the luncheon following.

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Butterfly Shawl

When I gave my 92.5 year old mother a prayer shawl I'd knit for her on a recent visit to the midwest, neither of us noticed the butterfly Jean Clausen in prayer shawlon one end of the shawl. While knitting it, I'd noticed there was a large portion of aqua periodically. When the shawl was on the back of her easy chair, I noticed the butterfly, and we were both delighted. Mom is a resurrection person in so many ways: her strong Christian faith and her appreciation of nature, and the ability to create awareness about it in her weekly newspaper column where she shares all the things in nature she observes from her home on the riverbank. She is a blessing to so many people, and a wonderful role model for aging with grace!

Jean's quote: When I use the beautiful prayer shawl my daughter knit for me, I like to repeat part of the Prayer of Healing that she gave me:
"May this mantle be for me a sign of your healing presence. May it warm me when I am weary, may it surround me with ease of my suffering. May it encircle me with caring when I'm in pain."


Jean and Kaycee - mother and daughter


Prayer For Healing By: Cathleen O'Meara Murtha, DW © 2008 All rights reserved


Teddy bear donation

I am writing on behalf of the Lewis and Clark County Child Advocacy Center in Helena, MT. How, you may ask, did the loving arms of the Martha Ministry reach to the capitol city? Because I have the good fortune to have spent my formative years at Christ the King Parish and knew where to turn when the children I work with needed comfort and care.

The Lewis and Clark County Child Advocacy Center provides forensic interviewing and child advocacy for the youngest victims of child sexual abuse. Children enter our doors when there is reason to suspect that they have been molested. Our team of investigative professionals draw together in a child-centered response to make sure that these children's voices are heard when it counts the most. We provide referrals for these kids and their families so they leave us, readied with hope, to begin their individual healing processes. When these children come to us they are at their most vulnerable. They are sad. They are confused. Most of all, they are frightened. Because of this fact, I asked Edna and Mary if they would share some of the homemade stuffed animals the Martha ladies produced with our center to help create a welcoming environment. They sent me home to Helena with a bag of animals. This is what happened.

A four year old little boy walked back towards the interview room clutching his mother's hand. He peered into the room where his parents would wait for him and began to tear up, not wanting to separate from his mother. On a whim, I told him to take a look at the stuffed animals on the couch. "Look, you know what those are? Those are buddies. Their job is to go with kids to the talking room so they won't feel scared and alone. Would you like a buddy to come with us?" He shyly glanced up at his mom, and when she nodded, he ran into the room and clutched a little brown dog into his arms. He then followed me into the interview room. He proceeded to tell me his story. One filled with hurt, pain, betrayal and fear. All the while he clutched his new friend in his arms. It is amazing that soft cloth and fluff can create courage. When we were done, I told him that his buddy's job now was to go home to keep him safe. The smile on his face was one of relief and joy. As we played blocks, waiting for the police detectives to meet with his parents, this little guy had me find another chair to put right next to us for his new buddy. He left that afternoon, taking a bit of comfort with him from one of the hardest moments in his four years on this earth.

I don't know how to describe the healing factor Soft, cuddly, handmade Teddy Bears these animals have subsequently brought to the little ones we see all too often at the Center. These animals have also brought relief to the not so little adolescents we see as well. We only have a few left. If the ladies need a new project, we know how to keep you busy. Please keep these children in your prayers. Pray for safety. Pray for peace. Pray for healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done without even knowing it's impact. (and Mary, thank you especially, for your creative flair that produced a pattern for stuffed animals that included great big arms to hug and hold onto tightly.)

Kathy Kinsella Shea, LCSW
Forensic Interviewer/Mental Health Coordinator
Lewis and Clark County Child Advocacy Center


Roan enjoying Grandma's prayer shawl
Roan enjoying Grandma's prayer shawl


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